friends, you must know that the new financial year is about to start and in this financial year of 22nd and 23rd what is going to be my personal financial plans resolution, let’s know in this amazing post. So friends, today’s post is going to be very important for you people, in which you will know how you have to apply your personal financial strategies, how you have to manage your money and how you have to do your financial planning and more. You are going to know a lot in today’s post, so friends, today’s post is going to be very important for you, so all of you are requested to join hands that all of you should consider this post of today very much. If you read with attention, then friends, without wasting any time, we start this wonderful post and know which financial strategies will prove to be good for us, so let’s start.



Friends, our first personal finance solution is that you have to avoid loans as much as possible in the coming new years, that means you do not have to take any small or big loan. Friends, let me tell you that I had started this solution from last year itself, but friends, in the last year I had to take a small loan which was very important for me but friends, this is my proper planning from the coming new year. I do not have to take any small or big loan, friends, I have a house and its loan is going on now and friends, let me tell you that the biggest loan of my life till now is the same, and friends now in my life I do not plan to take any loan, whether it is for a car, or any EMI, friends, let me tell you that if you are taking any item from FLIPKART or AMAZON on EMI, then that too is a type of loan for you. So friends, you have to keep in mind that under your new financial planning, you do not have to take any loan, so friends, this was our first finance solution, now let’s come to our second financial solution.


Friends, for BEST FINANCIAL RESOLUTION, I will not use CASH or UPI for all my expenses, I will use my credit card, now you may find it COUNTER INTUITIVE because people say that credit cards should not be used because of credit Card is the most expensive loan and friends, this is also 100% true because credit card credit card is a NON-SECURED LOAN, it means that you have to pledge something to take that loan, then its RATE OF INTEREST also It happens a lot, ALMOST 36% TO 40% PER YEAR BUT FRIENDS, YOU GET AN INTEREST FREE PERIOD FOR A 30 TO 45 DAYS TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD, MEANING THAT YOU TECHNICALLY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD IN THE FIRST MONTH You can make a payment and you will have to pay it only after 30 or 45 days and if you make that full payment then you will not have to pay any interest which is a very good thing because for 30 or 45 days you will get any free I am giving money, now suppose that you have to give a big amount on the first day of the month itself. Like if you have to pay your RENT or any EMI or there is something that you can pay with your credit card like school fees or anything else, now if you have 10 thousand or 20 thousand with your credit card. Now when you make the payment, now you have to pay that 10 thousand or 20 thousand rupees after 30 to 45 days, now if you invest the same 20 thousand rupees for a month, then you will be able to earn only 1% to 1.5% But whatever you will earn from this, whatever it is 20 25 rupees, it will be absolutely free, now in the same way you can earn money for free by using your credit card.


Friends, whatever will be my monthly personal income, I will invest at least 30% of it, friends, last year it was about 20%, because there were some expenses which I had to clear but now I have got a little more wealth due to which now I will invest total 30% of my monthly earnings here.

So friends, today was some of my personal financial solutions, using which I know how to manage my financial strategies well, friends, if you want more information related to financial strategies, then you can very easily related to financial strategies on youtube. By searching all your questions on YouTube, you can find the answers very easily, so friends, this was our amazing post today, in which you got a lot of information related to financial strategies. If you have liked this post of ours, then please do share this post with your friends and if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting. Friends, taking out such precious time out of your precious time, I get heartfelt thanks for reading this post of ours so carefully till then till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram from your heart in some other best and wonderful post.

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