CEO Rajasthan Voter ID Card 2023-2024 Registration Status Check Online

Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan has announced the Voter ID card registration process online. You can download the registration application form and fill it up online to get your name in the official Rajasthan Voter list 2023-2023 latest released this year. Please search the Voter ID card registration status check and download the official copy of EPIC card online. The National Voters Service Portal (NVSP) in joint venture with CEO Rajasthan has implemented online application for Voter ID card for registration and correction online so that quick solutions can be provided on one to one basis starting 2023 year.
You need to fill up Form 6 for inclusion of your name in Electoral Roll list. You can download the form here and apply offline through your known Booth Level Officer who will take care of the remaining process, or else apply online easily.
You need to visit NVSP website and make sure that you have all the supported documents ready before moving on so that registration process is hassle free. To know the list of documents required, visit here – Electoral Roll Name
Registration Documents

While filling details online, you need to address the form to Rajasthan state and to your own Assembly constituency which is available in the given options. Here’s a snapshot of the online form application at NVSP

Details And Sections Of Application Form Online For Registration

Your Personal details is the first section, where you will fill your basic details like Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth details and your Father / Mother / Husband’s name and surname. After filling these details, you need to give your current place of residence details like Address, Taluka, Pincode, post office nearby, district and your contact number.

The next part is optional where you need to fill up your family member details already registered in the electoral roll constituency of voter list. In case they aren’t registered yet, leave it blank and move on to next section.

In the next part, attach your photo by uploading a passport size photograph with supporting documents of Identity Proof and Address Proof. Only one each documents will be enough to justify your application.

In the last part give your consent by filing your declaration online and admitting that you are new to the member of voter list. Click on submit and generate a support copy that will be needed as and when you collect your actual voter id card from CEO office in Rajasthan.

How To Submit Correction Of Voter ID Card And Submit Application Online – Rajasthan Voter List 2023

After getting the registration process done, one can easily check the verification and status check in the official Voter ID card list online. The Government of India has allowed citizens to submit their applications for name corrections and address change information that is to be updated from time to time.

In this process, you need to submit the relevant form by filling in basic details and providing the necessary Proof of Identity and Proof of Address for them to necessitate a change in your EPIC Voter ID card.

After the request has been processed, the application is processed and citizens can see the updated change in name, address change, mobile number change as well in the EPIC card which can be downloaded online as well.

Generally it takes 90 days to process the request for change in any details and also for the registration process as well. Then the Voter ID Card is delivered at your doorstep by a Booth Level Officer’s representative shortly.

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