In today’s post, we will talk about Flipkart Free Book, how you can order a product by paying just RS. 1 in Flipkart’s sale. What is the logic behind this. How does it work? Will talk live with Proof. So for this you will open the Flipkart app. After opening the app look at you. Some banners of this type will be seen in the first. Click on Free Book option. You will not always get this banner because whenever Flipkart oil seems like The Big will get it, it is spreading, then you are getting to see the option of pre book in it. What is the fund, brother, whatever product is in the cut oil, is worth RS. 1.

A facility gives you that you can do that product before paying just RS. 1. When it happens, you will get the product. A little less than Candy Crush, so if you talk about this computer cell, then you will get the price in jail too. If you get to see less than that in a free book, then even cancel the popular one. Please do remember the product which you are now in the banner.Let us now look at the banner. Yours will be on Facebook. It will run from 29 September to 1 October. You have 3 days to go. You can also book any product within 3 days.

That means you have 3 days. Any product can be removed within 3 days. If you show your life example, then all the products under the banner of this cream will not be ordered in all the books. It doesn’t bite at all, all will be inside the product. I can take that product off.Picture BP Book Hoga Dekho such a purple color banner will come. What is written in this banner that now if you use it by paying ₹ 1 that you will get it for Rs 1436. But it will be written in the bottom that the Big Billion Day price is ₹ 10 fit.If it takes days, then you will get it in 1710, then there is also an advantage of free book that you get to see the goods in advance for a little cheaper. The price in jail is a little increase. How to book your book, so come on, show me by doing that too, then I take a product in a small amount. If I do it till then it will come here that you have to pay RS. 1 and what you have to do on October 3, will be remembered after that.

Mount Abu you have to pay. Only after that your order will be shifted to you, so let’s go we pay RS. 1. Click on Continue as you would click. The payment page will open. Debit card will make a payment of RS, 1 according to the credit card. Make payment. Here RS. 1 payment was made on the payment phone. You made RS. 1 from my account.What kind of date off can be considered for some 10% off ₹ 100, so what are you doing now that you have to go to your my order section and get the details of free book order. In the section with orders you will see. How will some of your orders be mourned when you click here as you click. It will be said in the office above that even if you have to click on confirm order, the confirmation order piece is not being written because since it starts, only then the remaining amount has been sent. You have just made it on you by giving ₹ 1 to your name. Click on the remaining amount of money.

Then when will it start, then I have to pay, how to pay but I will click on confirm order. You can also do the rest of the remaining amount, then how to make delivery, you can pay online. Then you are being told. If you don’t want to take.If you should cancel them. There is preorder. If you don’t want to take then just click on cancel. After that, then whoever its respected tell you who is canceling your payment request, the cancellation will reach here. There is an egg. You can then order the free book even before the test by paying ₹ 1 to your product at a better price than oil and at a lower price. Now it’s on some side. Do you really have to give this much now?Asking for discussion condition of terms and condition Something you have to see on point like most major point which I would like to show you this one is applicable during the second payment Is this what Flipkart offer is going on?

Banks can take discount offers in orders, so see your Lenny said that The Bank of Rivers is applicable only on book order item s on The Terms and Conditions of Dussehra Some of the products may be applicable on banks but?Bank offer may apply in some products, but in Coffee club with free book offer it has been clearly mentioned that if you cannot apply bank offer, then the number of people who do not have bank and bank account Axis bank card in these two banks Is. If you have any. Will place order here. Otherwise, you get it and you will lose your hands on it. take care.

If you order a free book from the people of Kolara who have Axis Bank Credit Card of Flipkart, then you will get five body wrong in it. But the normal bank offer that is going on here, you cannot call by commenting on you.

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