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What started as a simple source of earning for this New Delhi lad became his prime profession four years later when he started touching scaling heights of success, only few could have ever imagined. His tutorials and articles on internet marketing and SEO strategies is now turning a big leap help to make his juniors follow the same. His career aim from the beginning was to promote blogging and help millions of marketers out there for day to day insights and updates on key strategies and updates for bringing online businesses live.

How The Blogging Journey Evolved For Harsh Agarwal

Harsh, a full time writer now spends serious amount of time in expanding his blogs and online business that started years ago. In few of his interviews, he stated his willingness to earn huge income but at the same time enjoy his skills and writing to the best. There are many people out there who have started blogging with much enthusiastic approach, thanks to their guru Mr.Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh has been working around his blogs for quite some time now and wishes to establish the renowned “Shout University” which he discusses to promote learning and earning with websites and blogs. He holds several niche sites that gives him equal value of earnings. His second popular “ShoutMyDomain” is another approach to his skill and talent he is blessed with.

Apart from writing Harsh started his SEO Consultancy online and offline where he helps people and his community in setting up websites and implement necessary SEO tactics to gain success online.

On touching such a pyramid of success, he has attended many events and blogging meet ups where he discussed about his life and journey as a professional writer.

Main Sources Of Income For Harsh Agarwal

Harsh has been earning for quite some time now. He was the third blogger from India after Amit Agarwal and Amit Bhawani to break the jinx of earning six figure income every month. His main sources of income include his marketing tips and strategies, advertisements and few referral programs.

What has inspired him, is the consistency and amount of dedication he holds for improving his site day by day. He works on various infographics to fix solutions for people online with his popular WordPress and Hosting tutorials that remains as one of the evergreen contents on the web. His story of buying his first car when he saved his incomes from blogging truly gives an inspirational feeling to many out there especially in India.

He recently conducted the first Blogging Workshop in New Delhi that dealt with step-by-step approach to become the leaders in affiliate marketing and blogging atmosphere. He has never been shy to share his experiments through ShoutMeLoud website. Anyone, who is new or old in the blogging field would never like to miss his tutorials and tips online!

In December 2023, he declared his marriage in his community SML and remained absent for one complete month from online community. Recently he announced his flat booking worth 1 crore in January 2023 and invested his major part of his savings to buy his home in New Delhi after living in rented house for years.

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