Honest Review of Modern Biology Book Class 12

I did not know this book until I had bought this book. One thing I was having difficulty with was to understand the NCERT book completely but I wanted to understand the NCERT book but it was my understanding. I was unable to understand it, so I needed some Syria Facebook. I bought the book Modern ABC Biology as a ration book. I had bought the stanza because I was also advised by a senior student and then I had bought the book at his behest or I started growing those topics of NCERT from this book which I am finding difficult to understand from NCERT book. It was then that I understood that till now it is very useful in real, just NCERT wants to write things but weak students like us this thing Where do you go but if you have a modern ABC biology class Twelve, then surely NCERT book is very easy for people to understand after reading this book because I know many students like me.


They are facing the problems of the NCERT, but they may want to understand NCERT, but at first glance, where is this book going to be understood, that’s why He needs a good book that can explain NCERT and sit in your heart and mind and I can say with a claim that you will definitely start all the people and tell some special things to all of you. I would like this book to cover all the questions along with piracy to all of you, you will find the questions of NCERT in this book, I will do it if you understand NCERT Hey, then it is the best thing, but if you are facing any kind of problem in understanding the NCERT book, then you should definitely buy Modern ABC Biology or Bhairav ​​ji’s book for all of you people. Will clear very well In this book, I have sung a good and useful image to explain one more thing that he has Needs are and this is why I was able to understand very easily a lot of concepts.


I have told the specialty of this book to all of you, but I would like to share some more important things of this book with all of you, that it may take you a long time to read this book because this book A lot of things have been included in this, that is why this book has the same flaw that this book is thick, where you are looking at the NCERT wife book, in return for that you Fat book will be found, it is from Modern ABC Biology, this book also comes in two volumes, then you understand that you will definitely take time to read, it is just one problem of this book that this book is thick and two volume time. It means that you will take time to read, but the truth is that if you have read this book, then the whole concept of your biology will be cleared.

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