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Baba Ramdev’s popular brand – Patanjali Products is in the market of India and used by many people. You can apply online for Patanjali Products franchise and distributorship dealership in your city and make the most of the popular brand selling. Know the exact process of filing nominations online through application form and the price, profit margin for starting business.
Now you are eligible for opening a small shop of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. and start selling officially straight from Baba Ramdev’s available recommended products. The process of opening Retail store, Aarogya Kendra / Chikitsalaya, Mega Store and Overseas Distributorship have been explained.

Get all the details in regards to new store opening, business model, requirements, general review, rules of registration, new margins of profit and products unveiled for 2023 and 2023 financial year.Everyone in the town is quite excited to promoted Patanjali Ayurved Ltd products promoted by Baba Ramdev. These products are naturally manufactured from the available ingredients required without any colour, flavours in it. This is the reason why many people have started liking the products and consuming them on daily basis for an effective diet plan.

Currently Patanjali Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. has opened up for franchise level store opening for people interested to do business with long term profits. We have shared various plan as per official policies of Dealership and Distribution process.

The process of obtaining the Distributorship Dealership process of Patanjali stores across India has been made simple. With effect from June 2023, stores would need just basic minimum requirements and costing of these stores has also been reduced. If you are interested in getting a quote from the nearest Patanjali center, please comment below and let us know.

Patanjali Dealership Update – Category Discounts August 2023

We wanted to provide a quick update for the recently ongoing scenario concerning the COVID-19 pandemic arising out of the Indian Economy for past 4 months of time now. Recently experts from Patanjali Distributorship Pvt Ltd team has assessed the scenario and will provide additional benefits for all the partners associated with them.

The following categories currently become eligible for discounted coupons:

  • Yog Gram – Treatment and Research Center
  • Patanjali Research Foundation – Development Center
  • Bharat Swabhiman Trust – Online Donation and Membership of Trust
  • Patanjali Food and Herbal Park – Food processing and Supply Chain
  • Divya Pharmacy – Brings Ayurvedic medicines for treament
  • Gaushala Agriculture Farm – Panchgavya Research and Treatment center
  • Niramayam – Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Shathkarma and Yoga center
  • Patanjali Chikitsalaya – Treatment and care center
  • Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust – Way to Good health and well being
  • Patanjali Gramudyog Nyas – For Economic upliftment of rural areas
  • University of Patanjali – Integral center of Education

The following categories have been excluded and will be added in the following months:

  • Divya Yog Mandir Trust – Yog Peeth
  • PYP, Canada – Patanjali Seva Kendra Brampton
  • Acharyakulam – Ancient Vedic Gurukul Education
  • Gurukul Ghashera – Center of development of inmates

We will keep updating you regarding the support of members from Patanjali Ayurved Board members and will help you in providing the right news at the time.

Patanjali Ayurved Franchise Dealership And Distributorship – June 2023 Update

With reference to the latest pandemic and COVID-19 crisis, Patanjali Products will be available for free of cost for all the people who are below the poverty line for one month. Also post 2 months from now, the cost of new dealership signings will increase due to the increasing demand of Ayurvedic products from end users and customers.

Hence to keep pace with the demands and supply, Patanjali Products Distributorship Team will review every application and will set some guidelines for new store opening processes in order to understand future pandemic crisis and workarounds.

Therefore all new owners will now be receiving a commission leverage of around 25% of Patanjali Products as compared to 32% to 35% for existing owners due to supply shortages and demands.

New Revision Of Commission Rates For Patanjali Products W.E.F January 2023

Currently the governing council and board members of Patanjali Group is looking forward to revise the rates of different products which are recently launched and the existing market products as well. The commissions will be decided according to the popularity and awareness of new products among the people.

We are getting some news regarding Patanjali products such as Agarbatti, Hair Oil, Dairy products and Skin care products will receive around 15% commission while newly launched products such as Wheat, Maggi, SIM Cards will attract bigger rates of 30% to increase sales of the products in the new divisions.

The commission rate for Stores have now been increased to 32% per product on choice categories and this change was reflected after the recently concluded GST rates coming down. This has come as a welcome message for all those store owners who were under the impression that there will be no more increase in commission percentages.

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Dealership Review And Distributorship Network

After the setup of Patanjali products within the zones of Indian market for almost two years, the success ratio shared by the owners have been extraordinary! We did a general review for all the store owners, distribution channels, the network of Patanjali distributorship and the overall process, cost and estimation gave an astounding number.

It has been shared that more than 70 percent of owners have done a profit margin of more than 70 percent of their estimated investment. It means that an owner who has invested Rs.10 lakhs in setting up the store has already made profits worth Rs. 7 lakhs in the span of two years.

The overall wholesale value, margin costs and profits has been increased which has led to huge profits and success of this brand.

How To Start Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Franchise Distributorship Dealership Process Online

Founder Baba Ramdev along with medical ayurved practitioner Acharya Balkrishna have started an initiative to bring natural remedies for people at lower costs. One of the significance of these products stands is their relation of herbal products with Ayurveda and Yoga.Coming to the dealership and distributorship process within your city and state, the franchise is open to all applicants of India. Initially you will need the following requirements as a part of the normal process:

– A retail space covering required area for all products in display
– A laptop / computer with proper internet connection for maintaining product balance sheets
– A wooden table or chair

Initially your financial control and ability to invest in the business will be considered as a key part of approval process from Patanjali Ayurved team. Your ITR history shall be considered as well in giving you approval from them once they review your application.

There are two versions of application form available for download – Hindi version and English version. One can download the PDF version of the application, fill the details as required, enclosed the attached documents that are required and send it to their address for further review and approval process.

Details Of Franchise Distributorship Dealership Application Form Of Patanjali Products

In order to apply for Patanjali Products Dealership / Distributorship process, you need to fill the application form by depositing Rs.200/- as token fee through Net Banking mode / IMPS / NEFT payment and provide the official transaction number to obtain the application form.

Alternatively you can also pay online using the below link and get the application form by instantly giving your details over the official email.

After the valid transaction, please send your NEFT / IMPS Reference number to the official email:�? and we will send you the official application form with other details.

Pay with Patanjali Dealership / Distributorship Online Payment Here:

You will be charged Rs.10/- extra as a part of transaction charges. Once completing the payment, send your details on the official email: and we will send you the official application form and necessary details.

Details Required with Application Form:

There are few details required as following when we reviewed an online application form:

1. Name of the applicant
2. Name of the company / firm (if applicable)
3. Address of your office space
4. Official email address for all communications
5. Mobile number of the applicant
6. Experience in any FMCG

If you have experience in any FMCG sector, then please mention the business and history of products which were involved or you are experienced working in the same. If you don’t have any FMCG experience, then just mention the details of your current business and your role in the same.

7. Mention the companies with which your distribution of products were involved. You can mention multiple companies and the tenure of working with them.

8. Mention your investment capacity amount which is ideally suitable for you. This is important to get approval because the amount would be considered important to get approval according to state / district / city / tehsil option.

Patanjali Mega Store Distributorship Application – Details, Investment And Profits

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd invites applications from individuals and business partners for opening a Mega store within the city across any location in India. This is involve opening a big distributorship store right within the Main Bazaar or prime locations of the city. The program is not application at Village level Mega store opening or within the limits of a small city.

The Mega store will receive direct products from Patanjali Ayurved center based in Haridwar and will be responsible for upkeep and managing the entire store on day-to-day basis. You are eligible to open a store based on the financial proposition and boundary limits set by Patanjali officials. The minimum distance of 2.5 KM in case of Metro cities and 3.5 KM in case of non-metro cities should be maintained from an existing Mega store within the area.

In order to apply for the same – Kindly pay the application fees of Rs.300/- per head payable online after which you will be sent the form to your email address within one business day.

Pay with Patanjali Mega Store Application Fees Online Payment Here:

After you pay the application fees, kindly send the transaction reference number to the official email: and we will send you the application form within 1 Business day of receiving the fees online.

Patanjali Chikitsalaya / Aarogya Kendra Application – Investment, Profits And Details

Currently Patanjali Ayurved has also invited applications from people who are interested to open Chikitsalaya and Aarogya Kendra which are very promising and vital for healthy living. Param Swamy Baba Ramdev and his members run many successful Chikitsalaya and Aarogya Kendra in Mumbai and Uttarakhand.

The minimum eligibility requirements to submit your request are as follows:

– You can only open a Chikitsalaya where total population within the regions stands atleast 1 lakh
– Places where population exceeds 2 lakhs – Two or more Chikitsalaya’s can be opened

Minimum Eligibility for Aarogya Kendra Opening:

– These can be opened in places where total population within the village / community / city / area is less than 1 lakh
– In case of sales exceeding a certain amount of Patanjali Aarogya products, individuals will be liable for extra products that can be obtained from Chikitsalaya of the area.

In general your Kendra / Chikitsalaya should maintain sufficient distance of atleast 3 to 5 KM from other Chikitsalaya, 2.5 to 3 KM from Aarogya Kendra and 3 to 5 KM from a Mega store.

Pay with Patanjali Chikitsalaya / Aarogya Kendra Application Fees Online Payment Here:

Application Fees applicable is Rs.300/- per head for individuals interested in opening the Kendra. After you pay the application fees, kindly send the transaction reference number to the official email: and we will send you the application form within 1 Business day of receiving the fees online.

Patanjali Overseas Dealership / Distributorship Process, Details And Application Online

In constant efforts to expand the Swadeshi goods supply to Foreign nationals, Patanjali Ayurved has come up with Overseas requests of Dealership and Distributorship within different countries. Here the goods are directly sent from Haridwar manufacturing center to the location where individuals have opened the store.

Many Non-Residential Indians (NRI) staying abroad usually get affected and don’t get the supply of Patanjali products which are regularly available here in India. We have mentioned the list of following countries where Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. is looking for eligible dealership / distributorship requests as per high demand:

1. United States of America (USA)
2. Oman
3. Kuwait
4. Canada
5. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
6. Entire Middle East regions
7. Australia and New Zealand
8. United Kingdom (UK) – London
9. Nepal
10. Japan and South Korea
11. China

Apart from the above listed countries, individuals are also eligible to open store anywhere in the world based on their financial stability.

If interested, please send in your requests as soon as possible for further consideration. Application Fees for Overseas process is Rs.400/- per head.

Pay with Patanjali Overseas Application Fees Online Payment Here:

Application Fees applicable is Rs.300/- per head for individuals interested in opening Overseas store. After you pay the application fees, kindly send the transaction reference number to the official email: and we will send you the application form within 1 Business day of receiving the fees online.

What Is The Option Of Investment And Margin Of Profit For Patanjali Ayurved Ltd Distributorship

This is an important consideration to keep it in mind while mentioning the amount in the form. It is important because an inappropriate knowledge of cost would highly become a factor of approval / disapproval.

At a city level, an ideal amount would be Rs.2.00 lakhs, however it changes based on the demands of products at customer level as well. At tehsil / village level, an ideal amount would be Rs.1.00 lakhs per investment. When you start working at district level, the ideal option turns out to be as high as Rs.5.00 lakhs per investment. However it could change depending upon the prospects of business and line of expectations of selling the products.

Regarding the margin of profit – It is as simple as having the higher returns for each product you sell.

So you can easily make Rs.20 to Rs.1000 per product sold of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. For example – A product costing Rs.100 would give Rs.20 profit to your business. Similarly there are wide range of products available to make you earn as high as Rs.2000 in one product!

Contact Details Of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Products Franchise Distributorship

Please find the contact address below to submit your distributorship dealership application form to process your approval for the same. Along with the application form, please attach your previous year Income Tax Return (ITR) document and bank account balance sheets to the following address below:

Patanjali Ayurved Limited – Unit III
Patanjali Food and Herbal Park,
Village – Padartha, P.O. Dhanpura,
Laksar Road, Haridwar – 249404, Uttarakhand,

Phone number: 1800-180-4108 or try this: 01334-240008

Email address to send application request online:

Let us know if you need any help.

New Scheme Of Products In Dealership And Distributorship For 2023 Year

Currently Patanjali is serving new products scheme in the market and these are getting very popular within three months of time in 2018. It all started in January when medicine and fertilizers were introduced giving strength to the brand campaign of Baba Ramdev in Indian products. All the respective authorized dealers will have access to these new products free of cost.

Therefore, if any sales numbers generated through these new category of products are justified, then 60 percent commissions are given to the Dealers and Distributors network.This applies to all the types of distribution network of Patanjali and their campaigns in India. This system model and the strategy has given more confidence to store owners in performing better sales this year.

They are also planning to start Yogpeeth distribution and super distributors to new applications of Patanjali Ayurved dealerships and their channel.

Patanjali Products Distributorship Dealership Available Cities And State

Please find the list of states and cities of available dealership for the same:

1. Gujarat – Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Valsad, Navsari, Bhuj, Gandhinagar, Bharuch, Anand, Nadiad, Amreli, Jamnagar, Okha, Vapi, Junagadh
2. Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Kota, Bikaner, Udaipur
3. Maharashtra – Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Thane, Akola, Amravati, Ahmednagar, Pune, Dhule, Satara, Kolhapur, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Wardha
4. West Bengal – Kolkata, Howrah, Siliguri, Purulia, North and South 24 Parganas, Darjeeling, Medinipur (Midnapore), Barddhaman, Kharagpur
5. Uttar Pradesh (UP) – Varanasi, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Aurangabad, Agra, Kanpur, Noida, Faridabad, Mathura, Meerut, Bareilly
6. Jharkhand – Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Tatanagar
7. Bihar – Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Bhagalpur
8. Goa – Panaji
9. Assam – Guwahati, Nagaon
10. Punjab – Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar
11. Andhra Pradesh (AP) – Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada
12. Karnataka – Bangalore (Bengaluru), Mysore, Belgaum, Coimbatore
13. Kerala – Alappuzha, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kollam
14. Odisha – Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela
15. Chhattisgarh – Raipur, Durg, Bilaspur
16. New Delhi – South Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, NCR Region
17. Madhya Pradesh (MP) – Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Indore
18. Chandigarh
19. Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Vellore
20. Telangana – Hyderabad
21. Haryana – Gurgaon, Ambala
22. Himachal Pradesh – Shimla
23. Uttarakhand – Dehradoon, Haridwar
24. Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar District
25. Jammu and Kashmir – Srinagar
26. Manipur – Imphal
27. Nagaland – Kohima capital
28. Sikkim – Gangtok
29. Tripura – Agartala

If you any help in regards to dealership request, or approval problems in associated with the process, do let us know in form of comments below. We would love to hear back from you in regards to the process!

We have already helped thousands of new applications get success in approval from Patanjali Headquarters in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

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