Patta Chitta TN Land Ownership Record Status Online

The E-Services portal of TN Government aims to provide every individual their unique record details as kept under supervision of issued Patta and Chitta ownership land details.

In order to be able to publish land records online, you need to register for the services – post registration, you can check the land record details published under the District, Taluk by their respective Tehsildar or District Jurisdiction officer. We will also be covering the details of online application process for Patta Chitta registration of individual lands and checking status details online.

TN Patta Chitta Records Necessity And Importance

Yes, you have heard it right! In this section, we are talking about the importance of knowing what exactly Patta and Chitta can affect your land records in Government directory going forward. Below are some points to consider:

  • Land Record held by Government should match with paper records held by individual
  • Discrepancies solved
  • Greater visibility with overall land details of Taluk / District
  • Understanding area and dimension of procured land
  • In Tamil Nadu – It becomes important to know whether area comes under Wetland or Dry land scheme
  • Unique identification Patta number for ownership verification
  • Digitization Scheme released by the Government
  • Tax Computation and Calculation details
  • Land Record Payment or Transfer information
  • Historical details of owned land across the same area and dimension

The above points becomes extremely essential in framing the importance of such a beautiful concept from the state authorities.

How does Patta and Chitta exactly work for all Citizens?

Yes, both have different meaning in terms of their different objectives. The basic definition of both items includes as below in simple language:

PATTA – It means nothing but the land record ownership slip or documents that you own right now. These documents are received from the Government when you acquired the land, thus making you the owner of it. These are termed as “Record of Rights” – a phrase that specifies an owner details

CHITTA – This is the Revenue system document which is maintained by District level head officer, State Revenue Department or even the Village Talukdar to store all the important details of your land. It contains the below information:

  • Area and dimensions of your land
  • Revenue records utilized each year
  • Reference number, Adangal records (A-Extracts)
  • TSLR Extracts of Government services

How To Check Patta Chitta EC Status Online – TN E-Services

In this section, we have mentioned how to get complete information about your land ownership details. Once you complete your initial registration steps (if you have not yet, please read the next section below), it’s always better to go over the summary of details that State Revenue Department owns for every individual.

Go to the official address of Patta Chitta and you can see the link that highlights and says – “View Patta & FMB / Chitta”. You need to navigate to this item and below steps will help you.

Step 1: Below is the official page of TN Patta Receipt status check online:

Step 2: You will need to provide additional details as below. These include the information about your District and selection of area type – whether Rural or Urban. See below screen shot:

Step 3: This where you need to add more additional details about your land. Please fill up the following details as outlined:

  • After selecting the District, select the Taluk from the drop-down list
  • Town drop-down option provides you more information – select the same
  • Select the Ward and Block number from the list

After you enter the above four items, it is required to select the Survey Number and additionally Sub Division Number (if you have the same handy, should be good) or else just Survey Number will be good. See below screen shot:

As you can see, I have selected the above District – Chennai and respective Taluk selection from my choice. Now hit “Submit” button to generate the status availability.

You will be able to extract the information about your land record and within our next section, I will discuss about generating the certificate as well.

Generate Patta Chitta Certificate Approved Verified By Government

You can now generate the Patta Chitta certificate approved by the Revenue Department issued in liaison with State authority officials. For this, you will need to have a verified land record submission done previously and have paid the revenue stamp duty for your documents.

The process of generating the certificate is very simple and this would help you to carry this printed document anywhere to get permission for Electricity, Water and other departments approved. Following are the steps:

  • Step 1: Open Patta Chitta Online Certificate Verify Status –
  • Step 2: Enter your District and Type of land information and click Submit.
  • Step 3: This time, fill in your Town, Ward and Block details in the similar manner as I explained above from the screen shot.
  • Step 4: Once you hit Submit, the Revenue State Authority will generate the official certificate to be used at your end for all service related approval process.

See screenshot below for more reference on the details of certificate released online

You can also SCAN the QR Code available on the page to view details on your Android / iOS device instantly. The same can be printed online to be used for future needs.

How To Apply And Register For Patta Chitta Online

Currently Tamil Nadu Regional and Revenue Services is providing a quick status check of the application registration information online. However to register for the same, you will need to follow the norms as stated to get your land records verified and submit the necessary documents.

Remember that all records before the year 2000 will bear special notification that consists of alphanumeric verification code within the certificate to be registered with the official team.

Please refer the outlined process as below to get yourself registered with Patta Chitta – EServices online.

Documents required for Patta Chitta Registration Application Form

Please carefully consider the following documents on your portfolio of land records to be produced in front of Town Survey Land Registrar official of TN Patta Chitta committee.

  • Land Record Possession Proof Document – Whatever document you hold in terms of proof from the Revenue Department as receipt copy, produce them for application process
  • A verified Tax Bill computation receipt copy – Annual Tax Payment receipt for the same
  • If you already own a house, you can use Electricity / Water Bill as well. If you don’t, you can ignore this document
  • Your Sale Deed copy acts as an excellent proof with all the pages mentioning your name
  • Stamp duty paper documents paid and signed by you during Sale Deed process
  • Tehsildar or City Mayor’s no objection certificate copy also works

Online Registration Application Form E-Services Portal Acknowledgement Submit

Once you have submitted all the necessary records in the above steps, consider checking your status online to fetch the certificate once verified.

The Reference Number or Application ID is something you will need to enter in the official portal to check your status. See below screen shot for the same:

Once you enter the above details, hit “Get Status” and you get be directed to a notification that says whether “Application accepted and processed” or it will display “Application accepted and pending approval”.

Generally the time duration to get verified is around 1 month since Revenue department receives a lot of applications during a fiscal month, therefore all the verification is performed during month end. So, you will probably receive the latest update by first week of next month.

Transfer Of Land Ownership Name Patta Chitta Extract Online

This is the biggest question among many Tamil Nadu residents like – how to get your name transferred to another individual to whom you sold the land? Yes, let us go through the same in this section to understand the process.

Transferring the name involves four step process:

  • Filling in the application form status details to E-Services Cell of TN
  • Quoting your existing Revenue Record details by providing Survey number or Reference number as well
  • RSR online record capture details
  • Correction Change Verification online

Let us understand in short how this works.

E-Services Application Form Status Online for Transfer of Land Records

The Team of Government cell will assist you in getting your name transferred to the original sale deed member who now possess the land and survey number. Keep in mind, to double check the application submitted to Tehsildar or Revenue Department since your request can be cancelled on incorrect information.

Following points shall be beneficial for you:

  • Print out copy of E-Services Transfer Application form duly filled up with all record details
  • Signing and submitting the details of the transfer member / owner details and signature
  • Village Tehsildar or City major stamp obtained from regional municipal office

Land Transfer Name Record Verification online

Post completing the above steps, you can qualify to get digital receipt straight from E-Services portal. The Reference Number is the key to getting all important records in one single place.

Go to the official link here on TN Land Records and there is an option of Verify Chitta Receipt. Click on the same and you will be redirected to enter details on the below page:

Once you hit Submit, all details will be flashed regarding the transfer and verification done. This can take a month’s time to update as I mentioned earlier.

How To Verify Government Owned Land And Private Owned Land?

The process of verification is very simple again. This section is only for those who are capturing records to see whether a particular space of land is currently owned by the Government or Private space of people.

The benefit of checking this option is obvious – If there are any available lands to invest in and obtain those details of available records. There are few steps to follow the same:

  • Step 1: Go to the official portal and click on Verify Poramboke Land option
  • Step 2: You will be redirected to the page to fill detailed information such as – District, Taluk, Village, Survey number and Sub-division number (if you have it handy otherwise should work without it)
  • Step 3: Once you fill the information as displayed above, hit Submit button
  • Step 4: You get a notification that a land is Government owned or Privately held

We have covered more information below.

Fees, App Availability And Name Correction Status

The general fees for various application process is different and varies from Individual to Corporate Land Owner. The fee structure is described below:

  • Holding more than 2 land records by same individual – Rs.200/- per head
  • Online application for registration, first time applicants – Rs.100/- per head
  • Corporate Business Land Record applicants – Rs.300/- per head

Currently the Government released an Android app last year, but due to glitches somehow the app has been less popular among the citizens. They are actively working on releasing App downloads for Android and iOS users.

Name Correction Published in TN Records

Yes, this section is short, but explains you details about getting Name and Chitta details corrected online.

  • You can pick the online application process or got to the nearest Revenue District office to apply for the same
  • If you are interested in obtaining the application format, do comment below with your details, we will provide assistance free of cost to get you the details
  • You get an acknowledgment receipt from the Officer
  • Provide the reference number in the search box of TN Patta Chitta online service portal

Patta Chitta Complaints Contact Number Help Details

If you need assistance with anything in regards to checking your Patta and Chitta details, you might probably need to send information to E-Services of TN Government.

Currently there are no Toll free numbers to call and get help, but you can send an official email to the Government asking for a resolution to your problem:

Official email address:

If you need help with more information, please send us details in form of comments below and we shall take a step into looking at this further. Post your queries below with information on what the exact issue is to look and getting them resolved.

Adangal Record A-Register Extract FMB Extract And TSLR Extract Of Services

The Adangal Record Extract is generally a transcript of A-Extract record maintained and protected by VAO office. These records are extremely important to be maintained and access is only guaranteed to the officials from the online portal.

If you have previously registered as stated in my earlier points, post 1 month duration of update, you can now check the A-Register Extract to be maintained by every individual.

You can go to the respective option online and here you will get to input the following details:

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Survey Number (If Survey number is 36/3B, then enter 36 in Survey number)
  • Sub Division Number
  • Authentication Value in the text field

Once you provide the above details, a detailed transcript is generated to show you the land records owned. Check below screen shot:

If you need any assistance in the meanwhile, please let us know in the comments below. Make sure to give a big thumbs up by sharing this article information on social media channels!

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