Republic Day Tableau 2023 Photos Winner, Best Tableau And Jhanki

This year on 26th January, Republic Day event will witness Best Tableaux 2023 from various states in display. Republic Day Tableau 2023 will be showcased live on Parade event at Rajpath, New Delhi. A total of 19 states and 6 central ministries will put up a Tableaux show that is also called Parade Jhanki display at Delhi. The Best Tableau award and Republic Day Tableau Winner will be declared by Chief Guest at the end of the event. The following Republic Day Jhanki states will be showcased and their Best photos of Tableau are shared – Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Assam, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Tripura, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim. Take a look at the glimpses of Republic Day Tableau photos and winners of Best Jhanki at parade event live below.

This year, it was surprising that few states will be missing out in the participation of Republic Day Tableau display at Rajpath. Those missing ones are – Maharashtra, New Delhi, Kerala, Telangana and Jharkhand. Last year’s Jhanki of Indian Railways will also be missed this year.

The 70th Republic Day will mark a best show in presence of Britain Prime Minister for a great India – United Kingdom relationship honour. Various cultural artists and state forms represent the Tableaux on display and receives a dignitary salute from Prime Minister – Shri Narendra Modi.

Due to the recent COVID scenario and pandemic outbreak, there are certain restrictions applied for attending the parade festival hosted by Government every year. Please bookmark this page for new photos and updates from Tableaux and Jhanki Show 2023.

Republic Day Parade 2023 Rehearsals Photos From Rajpath

The much loved and respected culture of our country lies with the strength of army men and soldiers from different borders and heritage. In this section, we bring you some of the great photos taken during Repiblic Day Full Dress Rehearsals happened on January 23, 2023.

Republic Day Parade Tableau And Jhanki Photos 2023 Show At Rajpath, Delhi

Here are some memorable photos and wishing everyone a very Happy Republic Day celebration:

We have also compiled more photos of this year and also of past year celebrations to refresh your memories of the previous years.

Republic Day Tableaux Jhanki Parade Rehearsals 2023 Photos From Rajpath Delhi

The highlights of the practice session conducted by the Republic Day Parade event team witnessed a great honourable rehearsals show couple of days back. All the three regiments of Indian Army force were present at Rajpath for their Rehearsals show.

Here are some of the highlights and photos of the event:

Below are some of the photos highlights of the Tableaux and State Tableau Jhanki Show happened in Republic Day Parade event for last year.

Republic Day Tableaux Photos, Winner And Best Tableau Award For Jhanki Among States

Our diversified cultural heritage is something that makes our India so beautiful and fascinating with colours. This year, the arrival of Republic Day meant the same for each and every one of us.

The national capital of India – New Delhi witnessed another historic moment go unfold as citizens celebrated Republic Day with full valour and enthusiasm.

Republic Day Tableaux 2023 Photos, Winner And Best Tableau Award For Jhanki

Every year Government of India showcases some unique imprints of our cultural India that makes our nation proud in front of the world. Even this year, when the rehearsals of Republic Day happened just the day before, we caught some of the best glimpses for full dress parade event.

The entire road in Rajpath, Delhi followed the chores of live parade of soldiers and display of Tableau for each state. We put across some of the best shots taken during the Republic Day parade event here in present of our PM of India and Abu Dhabi’s Shaikh King as a proud honour.

Republic Day Tableau 2023 Best Winner Jhanki Show At Parade Event

Last year, the Best Tableau award was given to Maharashtra state, while Jharkhand and Karnataka stood at second and third place. In 2014, West Bengal bagged the best Jhanki award while Tamil Nadu and Assam stood at complimentary spots. Ministry of Central Human resources bagged up first place in 2012 while Kerala stood top in 2013 Best Tableau award for the state.

This year too the competition between states are pretty high as good Tableau display will be expected and results can turn across with anyone. The state who can showcase cultural and social heritage at it’s best will be awarded at the end of the day.

Each state will represent the state of art and social cultural values that make them unique from rest of the states. Each tableau has been selected after passing through rigorous screening and the best ones are here to get displayed. Ministries have also boarded new Tableau in mark of new initiative and their beginning.

State Wise Republic Day Tableau Photos And Their Significance

There are a total of 17 states which are on display in Parade event at Rajpath, New Delhi and 6 Ministerial Tableau all funded by the Government of India. Let’s take a glimpse of the glorious looking Jhanki which was on show today:

Rajasthan – Significance of Hawa Mahal

Located in Jaipur, the Hawa Mahal marks a symbolic representation of age old forts and monuments that Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh built during his reigning days.

West Bengal – Bauls Community of Bengal

Bauls are the folk community of Bengal who wander from place to place to spread brotherhood, religious feelings and peace through their Baul musical instruments. They have a special significance in their folk music that depicts Bengal’s culture.

Uttar Pradesh (UP) – Zardozi, An Embroidery Art Look

UP’s Zardozi is an ancient form of Embroidery that is still practiced by people of Lucknow. It was highly respected by the Nawabs during the ancient days and used to be the source of income for common people.

Assam – Rangoli Bihu Festival Cultural Importance

Rangoli Bihu, an ancient form of cultural festival practiced by youths of Assam is a dance festival welcoming the Assamese New Year. It is a feeling of happiness in welcoming new people to their house and mark a golden ship of new life in coming years ahead.

Bihar – Champaran Satyagraha Movement by Gandhiji

It is one of the most fond memories in Indian dilemma where Mahatma Gandhi fought against the Britishers in the land of Champaran to provide rights for the farmers. Upon Satyagraha, he succeeded the Britishers and led the Champaran people to victory.

Odisha – Boita Bandana Festival of Ancient Trade

During the golden days, Odisha popularly known as Orissa had the tradition of Sadhava trading festival. Traders used the big boxes to ship goods from Odisha ports situated at various parts of the state to transport materials to South east region of Asia through sea ports.

Chandigarh – Willingness to Give, Willingness in Receiving

The city is considered as the best in urban planning and architecture. Novel French architect – Le Corbusier planned the entire city’s growth and planning in making out a soulful and peaceful city. It is still considered as an evergreen city in terms of growth.

Gujarat – Asiatic Lions Significance in Gir Sanctuary

State’s highly recognized Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important historic presence with Asiatic lions. People of Sidi community who reside close to Gir Sanctuary play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance with wildlife in this sector.

Goa – Jagor Folk Dance for Crop Protection

It is a kind of divine grace obtained by the people of Hindu and Christian community for their crop protection throughout the year. It is believed that calling the God once a year through musical and character observation makes them safe for year long crop farming.

Jammu and Kashmir – Mera Gaon Mera Jahan for Cleanliness

It is an initiative started by the Government of India to provide full support to people in developing and using technology that makes their environment clean and green besides making efforts in doubling crop cultivation throughout the year.

Tripura – Unakoti Sculptures Shiva Pilgrimage Attraction

Unakoti is a special place located ahead of Agartala is known for Buddhist and Shiva sculptures that make their presence in the region. It is considered to have several rock cutting and caves where Buddha used to reside and marks a cultural importance among the community.

Chhattisgarh – University of Music and Art, Khairagarh

It is one of the oldest university of Asia that marks its presence in various art forms, music and fine arts. People from across the globe come here to make their life dedicated to cultural living and traditional forms of art as a career option.

Tamil Nadu – Toda Cultural Tribe

Todas belong to a small community from Tamil Nadu who are specialized in cattle herding and dairy. People here work day in day out to make their living and wear classical embroidery dresses to mark their cultural living life.

Uttarakhand – Ramman Festival of Workship

Ramman is a special festival followed by people of Uttarakhand to mark a special significance of Ramayana. Folk musical instruments are played, while dance is performed wearing mask at Temple complex. A series of worship is done to God to obtain religious peace in life.

Karnataka – Kodagu, The Coffee Land

It is recognized as the best place for coffee plantations in the state. Kodagu is seen as the top six coffee producers in the world, hold a cultural life living among the Kodagu people. It consists of forest where tea and other crops are also harvested alongside.

Madhya Pradesh (MP) – White Tigers of Mukundpur Satna

MP is known for their White Tigers presence in the state of Mukundpur Satna place. Along the densely populated forests, the White Tigers have found their best living here and is watched by thousands of visitors every year from outside as well.

Sikkim – Saga Dawa Budhha Jayanti

The celebration of Gautam Budhha attaining Nirvana on this day is popularly remarked as Saga Dawa. Buddhist community carry idols across the street and pray for their living on this day.

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