Sample Letter To Bank Manager For New ATM Debit Card Issue

In this article, we will be talking about a sample case study picture where you can submit a new ATM Card request to the respective Bank Officer / Bank Manager. We will also be talking about the typical case scenarios in which you should be writing the below letter.

You can send this letter below to all accepted Banks – State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and all others.

Example Scenarios For ATM Card Issue Request

The following are some of the examples to be considered for the below letter format:

  • ATM Card Lost or Stolen scenario
  • ATM Card getting expired in few weeks of time
  • Unblock ATM Card issue wherein you request for a new card
  • ATM PIN lost / replacement / forgotten therefore requesting a new card
  • ATM Card Renewal
  • Activation of ATM Card issuance
  • ATM Card Cancellation issue
  • Handover of old ATM Card not working anymore

The above are only a handful of thoughts, but feel free to comment below once you go through the sample letter at your end.

Sample Letter Format To Bank Manager Requesting For New ATM Card

In this section, we have compiled below an example letter and feel free to change based on your text and script language that you want to convey to the Bank officials.

[Branch Manager],
[Example Name of the Bank],
Branch City name, State, Zip code

Subject: New ATM Card Issuance / Re-issue of ATM Card (if lost or stolen)

Respected Sir,
I would like to bring your attention regarding my issuance of a new ATM Card. I am operating my bank account with <Name of the Bank>, Branch, City for some time now. Last week, I faced an inconvenience that happened with my ATM Card which abides me to write this letter to you.

It was just yesterday that I noticed my Bank account ATM Card linked is not working anymore. Further I got to know that my ATM Card has expired last week and therefore I cannot transact online anymore. 

As a family member, I also faced the troubles of withdrawing cash from my Savings account to furnish my family needs. Therefore, I would request you to issue a new Debit cum ATM Card for my account for our easiness.

Below are my Bank account details:
Account Holder Name: ABC
Bank Account No.: 1238672618
Expired Debit cum ATM Card No.: 7283-7623-1627-1272

I request you to debit my account for the respective new ATM card issue fees and courier me the card to my official communication address in my Bank records.

Thanking You in advance,
Yours Sincerely,
<Your Name>
<Your Signature as per Bank records>

The above can be used when you are requesting for a new ATM Card when the existing card expired. For lost or stolen context, you can just change the above to say:

I had a trouble last week with my existing Debit cum ATM Card which I lost while travelling on METRO from one station to another. I had immediately blocked the old Debit card, therefore I would request you to issue new a new ATM Card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, will be ready to answer your queries.

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