What is VAME and how it impact the business performance ?

VAME stands for Value, Attitude, Moral and Ethics. value attitude moral and ethics are the mental constructs that serves as the instrument for behavior regulation and maintaining and managing the behavior of the employee with the customer is very important for success of any business that’s why the VAME becomes very important for making the successful and running the successful business.

These are responsible for guiding our decision making and influencing our choice and directing our behaviour so that it help for the good purpose and for making the stability and the company work culture.

What is VAME ?

VAME Means Value Attitude Moral Ethics. VAME simplifies our interactions with the environment by making our behavioral twice parsimonious. the mental construct should we understand by every businesses owner because mental construct is the thing which cannot be measured directly but it’s supposed to be existing as it give rise to directly measurable phenomena.

How VAME Impact the Business Success ?

VAME ( value attitude and morals and ethics) are made up of mainly three things and these are

  1. The cognitive or belief
  2. Emotion and
  3. Action tendency like Desire.

The mental construct are small in nature but it impact the business and the working environment of the business the most important things in the human brain is it may generate the different behaviour and feeling in different time and it directly or indirectly impact the working of the employee and it is seen that the mental situation sometimes dominated with the another things so making the employee happy making the work culture happy make the customer happy and this makes the business happy and ultimately it makes the organisation happy and this leads to the successful company and a successful country business.

How Belief Impact the Business ?

Changing the belief system is very important and always the two condition in the belief system one is optimistic condition and the condition is I believe that glass is half filled while in the another way there may be some people who think like the belief in the another way is the glass is half empty so there exist the village system and the belief generates the emotion and internal feelings in the human brain so will it impact the working culture in the company environment also so making the employee comfortable for working in the company work culture and for that there should be a team of human resource development for making the good working culture on the the office for better result.

1. Belief is an internal feeling where you assume something to be true.

2. It is based on traditional, folklore, superstition, verifiable facts or irrational viewpoints.

3. Belief are the idea of or view point held by the group or society.

4. Belief gives us hope and human beings thrive on what they believe in.

5. There are many to believe two types of belief system core beliefs which cannot change easily like a religious sentiment and another is peripheral believe which can change easily if we provide the the contact evidence again and again.

6. belief can be challenged and peripheral believe can be changed. Two people can have different belief about the same phenomena.

How Emotions Impact the Business ?

Here we should understand that the belief generates the most emotions are bodily construct.  A personal experience that arise from Complex interplay among psychological attributes cognitive and situational variables. It is basic aspects of human functioning and all of us are born with the capacity to experience emotion. Cognitive belief generate emotion and emotion generates action tendency.

How Behavioral/Action Tendency Impact the Business ?

Action tendency mainly refers to the desire for action and not necessary it will result into overt(explicit) behaviour it needs to overcome certain impediments(obstacles).


For the success of the business, it is necessary that all of us create such a work culture which is suitable for human beings, we all humans are social animals and different emotions come in our mind at different times in different conditions. It goes and these feelings can make our work environment good or bad, that’s why we all need to create the best work culture.

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