there is no doubt that even today all these things people We speak to our acquaintances, but before and now there is a word which is said a lot that do not do anything but definitely take insurance, now what is this insurance, today we will know about this in this post, so without delay Let’s start this wonderful post of ours today.

What is Insurance?

Insurance means to protect against the coming danger, that is, insurance is a means to cover the risk of your life. Why should you get insurance, how does insurance work and how many types of insurance are there. It is also important to know all this so that you can choose the right insurance according to your need, so today in this post we will know all the information related to insurance.

What is insurance, what are its types?

First of all, we know the full meaning of insurance in the right way, insurance is a legal agreement which is between two parties [Insurance Company and Insurance Company]. According to this agreement, when someone insures his insurance from the insurance company, then the insurance company fulfills the loss in the coming time. After knowing what is insurance, now we know how insurance works.

How does Insurance work?

Under the insurance agreement, a fixed amount is taken from the person with insurance through the insurance company. After taking insurance, if that person suffers any kind of loss, then according to the insurance, his loss is the insurance company recruitment. Now it is also important to know that what are the types of insurance.

How many types of insurance are there?

There are 2 types of insurance, Life Insurance and General Insurance, but nowadays there have been many types of insurance, such as travel insurance, we know about all these types of insurance.

1.) Life Insurance

It is known from its name that this insurance insures our life, that is, the person who gets the insurance done and suddenly dies, then the insurance company gives compensation to his family. Second comes General Insurance

2.) General Insurance

Home Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Health Insurance, Animals Insurance are all included in this type of insurance.

Home Insurance

Talking about home insurance, many people also get their home insured, by doing this their house becomes safe.

Health Insurance

Now talking about health insurance, nowadays health problems have increased a lot, so the expenditure on health has also increased a lot. In such a situation, if you take health insurance, then in case of any disease, the health insurance company gives you the cost of treatment.

Car Insurance

Now we talk about car insurance, it is very important to get car insurance in our country, under this the insurance company gives the damage caused to your car, if someone is hurt by your car or someone has died unintentionally. Such cases are covered in Third-Party Car Insurance of Insurance.

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